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The Franchise Whisperer has many years experience in the Australian market. They’ve helped businesses grow from a single outlet in one location to many Australia wide. If you’re looking to take your franchise to the next level, read on to find out how the Franchise Whisperer can take you there.

Growing & Developing a Network

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There are many ways a network can and should grow. Assessing exactly which method is right for you needs to be carefully considered. We look at what mix of company owned v franchisee is right for your business and where should your network expand first. How should your interstate roll out happen? Do you establish in one state first and then move to other areas or do you establish some business in each area early? We can help you determine what level of field support you need and how should the set up of each site be managed. Mapping and demographic research would usually be a part of any network development plan.

Franchise Recruitment

Wether you manage the recruitment process in house or you contract experts from outside to help you, it’s important to have a good well structured process for gaining new franchisees. A recent study into the causes of potential franchisee failure identified that poor recruitment process were a major factor in failures studied. Poor recruitment process allows underfinanced, under qualified and often those with the wrong attitude to franchising, joining the group. This spells disaster for all involved including other franchisees. We can help you explore the best practices in recruitment and hopefully help you determine what path you should be taking.

Territory Planning

Making these territory decisions can be a complicated and time consuming task.  Accurate planning and analysis of the relevant data is critical to ensure a more equitable franchise network and market coverage for all potential purchasers of your business franchise. Our services include professional and cost effective Territory Mapping solutions to take the guess work out of allocating franchise areas. Territory allocations are customised based on criteria relevant to your business needs, typically using population, household and income data to optimise opportunity and ensure potential for future success of the territory. All detailed mapping and territory data is available in hardcopy and digital format.

Site Selection

Correct site selection is essential to growing a successful network. Traffic considerations, size of site, access, potential for expansion are all possible points of focus. Every franchise will have its own specific requirements and these need to be identified and implemented during site selection process. Lease negotiations and financial aspects of the location will all need to be taken into account in site selection. We can provide all the answers you need to know for successful site selection

Effective Field Management

Determining how many field staff you need to support your network is a key component in franchising success. Not enough field staff can mean under serviced franchisee and can translate into franchise dissatisfaction as well us under performance. Having the right ration of site v field support officer will make all the difference to the overall business performance long term. To what extent benchmarking and auditing are used will vary from system to system but both are valuable tools in field management. We can help you make sure you have this bit right.